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Tony Pike |
On behalf of the Tyne Bowling Club and myself I wish to express our deepest sorrow on hearing the news regarding Martin Bass.

He was a perfect gentleman and a great asset to your club and will surely be missed by all who knew him

Type of bowls played
(lawn, crown green, indoor, outdoor, etc.)
: green
Bowling Club: Tyne B.C
1 November 2009 - tyne & wear

dave conway |
hi all very impressed by your website,enjoyed many a good game at forth,souter and monkseaton,played for heaton meldon,brighton rutherford,had many a tussle with martin indoors at eldon sq.
best wishes may see you over the summer.

Type of bowls played
(lawn, crown green, indoor, outdoor, etc.)
: all
Bowling Club: heaton meldon & eldon sq
24 March 2009 - byker.newcastle upon tyne

Lesley Turner |
Roy recommended a look at your web site - it is wonderful. I know Trevor through his photography so interesting to see him in the pics.

I work at Age Concern too and regularly promote activity groups around the borough so its great to be able to see what you are up to.


Type of bowls played
(lawn, crown green, indoor, outdoor, etc.)
: A promoter rather than a player!
3 June 2008 - North Shields

Roy Stephenson and Ann Bernstein |
We both loved your site.

I teach computers at Age Concern and am always on the look out for new sites that bring something different to the table. Yours is honestly the warmest, most welcoming site I can remember seeing and with your blessing I'll be referring my students to it when we look at the Internet.

My wife Ann is an 'exile' from America currently struggling a little to deal with English stuffiness. Your site is a welcome antidote to all that

Oh and I love the poem. Congratulations to the poet. I really thought it was something historic.

Type of bowls played
(lawn, crown green, indoor, outdoor, etc.)
: lawn
Bowling Club: Tynemouth
29 May 2008 - Local

Webmaster comments  
Dear Roy and Ann,
Thank you so much for your kind words about the website.

I was the hon. secretary of Forth BC, but in 2005, it began to be obvious that I could not carry on with this office for much longer. As a 24/7 carer, I was becoming effectively housebound.

The website was and is my way of contributing to the Forth, albeit from a distance. Believe me, the Forthers really are a great bunch of characters!

I started writing the "Bowler's Song" to provide a 'continuity' link between pages and to avoid infringing someone else's copyright!

Please let me know when you are going to refer the Age Concern people to the Forth 'site, and I will put a welcome banner across the top of the index page.

I am so glad that Ann now knows that not all 'Brits' are stuffy.

Warmest wishes
Doris B

Derek Turner |
I am scanning the web sites for bowls clubs and am impressed by your site. We are in the process of setting up a web site at and am looking for inspiration!!

Anytime you are in the Teignmouth Devon area call in and see us.
Type of bowls played
(lawn, crown green, indoor, outdoor, etc.)
: lawn
Bowling Club: The Den Bowling Club Teignmouth.
17 May 2008 - Teignmouth Devon

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